24 Hour Reading Challenge

❀ I totally forgot about the Dewey 24 Hour Reading Challenge and I have really been wanting to do one ever since. I realized, about a week ago, that when I am doing a challenge for reading I read a lot. I realized that I have more time than I originally thought or have ever thought. When you do a 24 hour challenge you cut down on YouTube time and other things you do that you didn’t realize took up so much time. From this day on I am going to be hosting a 24 Hour Reading Challenge twice every month. That way if you miss one and want to pick one back up you are not the only person participating. I will be posting about my 24 hours of reading the night I start, the morning of, and once I have finished. Feel free to tell me what books you are reading then maybe we can read the same book and discuss it later.

I am making a schedule for the year of 2017 and if somedays don’t work for you there is always the second one. They will be the second and fourth week of a given month, dates are below. I am also including the other 24 Hour Reading Challenges in the dates below.

Bohemian 24 Hour Reading Challenge Dates 2017

  • June 14th to June 15th
  • June 28th to June 29th
  • July 11th to July 12th
  • July 25th to July 26th
  • August 10th to August 11th
  • August 24th to August 25th
  • September 12th to September 13th
  • September 26th to September 27th
  • October 9th to October 10th
  • October 23rd to October 24th
  • November 15th to November 16th
  • November 29th to November 30th
  • December 6th to December 7th
  • December 19th to December 20th


Readathon Calendar Link : Thanks too Little Book Owl


The first of the Bohemian Readathon starts tonight!! The time starts the night of, whatever time is midnight in your country is what time it starts. Then the next night at midnight again it is the time it ends. I hope you all join me in this new 24 Hour Reading Challenge! ❀



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