❀ Hello again everyone!! As I stated in my Welcome to The BohemianBook Review Blog Post, I am doing reviews for you. If you have a book and would like me to review it just send it my way. The review can be public so people subscribed to my blog see it or privately where it is just a chat between you and me. If you want to send me one (on any platform, ex: Wattpad) just send me a DM or email from my contacts. If you do decide to send me your book I ask you add the following to the message:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Books Name (doesn’t have to be final, unless it is a public review)
  3. The Book Cover (if available)
  4. Synopsis (short summary)
  5. Number of Words or Chapters or Pages
  6. Genres (what will you tag it under, ex: Fantasy, YA, Horror, etc.)
  7. Age Limitation (Is it for children, YA, Adults? I need to know if it is clean.)
  8. If you do a public review, would you like me to interview you as an up and coming author?
  9. Are you okay with a complete honest review? Please understand that there is the possibility of me not liking the book (I never give below a 2 star), so make sure you are okay with criticism. I am known as a brutally honest person so I’m sorry if it comes out harsh, it is not mean’t to be that way.


If you can’t set a certain time, here are the interview questions:

When did you start writing?

Why did you start writing?

What inspired you to write this book or all your books?

Tell me 5 words that describe you as an author linked with your book. (Words you have in common with your book or a character in the book)

What genres do you prefer?

Do you plan on making your book a series or writing more books that are unrelated? Do you plan on continuing to be a writer?